Digital Voice Recorder Voice Activated Recorder for Lectures, Meetings, Interviews Aomago 32GB Audio Recorder Mini Portable Tape Dictaphone with Playback, USB, MP3

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Do you feel distressed when you can’t catch teacher’s words in class?

Do you feel annoyed when you forget the key points in a meeting?

Do you want to have a clear recorder in an interview?

Aomago digital voice recorder will meet all your demands----32GB Memory,1536kbps



Short Play (512 kbps) : 128H

High Quality (128 kbps) : 512H

Long Play (64 kbps) :1128 H

- Voice Operated Recording(VOR)

- 7 EQ modes

- MP 3 function

- Supported music format: MP3 / WAV

- Timed Recording, Line-in Recording

- Fast forward / Rewind, Variable Speed Playback

- Different languages

- Password

- USB connection, for uploads and downloads