(Half deflector broken; Silver; Package 22.8 x 22.6 x 5.31 inches)(Item #3) Aura outdoor products Kettle Zone Cooking System for 22 Inch Web

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Regular (other) Store Price: $130 --------- Aura outdoor products Kettle Zone Cooking System for 22 Inch Weber Kettle Grills - Turn Your Grill into a Smoker, Oven, and More --------- Brand Aura outdoor products
Inner Material Stainless_steel
Fuel Type Charcoal

About this item

1. Easily transition your grill from a low and slow smoker to a grilling and searing machine. \

2. The Kettle Zone Cooking System comes with a base rack that fits into your grill and has a locking mechanism to prevent it from spinning.

3. Includes 2 Half Moon Heat Deflectors that can be used for heat deflection during smoking or for using to get even indirect heat for delicate foods.

4. Comes with 2 Half Moon Stainless Steel Grates. Not your average grates! These are heavy duty and built to last. Heavy gauge rods mean better heat retention and longevity. --------- Hi! Please read details below before you purchase:

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