(Item #5) 1pc only 3" PelletVent Thimble (Pack of 6)(15.9676;;)

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Regular (other) Store Price: $42 --------- 1pc only 3" PelletVent Thimble (Pack of 6) --------- Color Green Blue
Size 5x6.5ft
Item Weight 5.4 Pounds
Occasion Gaming, Audition, Conference Recording,

About this item

HIGH QUALITY REVERSIBLE BLUE-GREEN BACKDROP: The double-sided design provides green and blue screens for more flexibility in use. Made of high quality polyester,all edges are carefully finished preventing tears in the material. Machine washable, ironable, foldable. With seamless single piece design,non reflective and non gloss surface,that makes sure of every effective shooting. --------- Hi! Please read details below before you purchase:

1. Items are new or almost new unless stated otherwise.

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