(; Black; Product 17.83 x 12.4 x 8.07 inches)(Item #27) OUUTMEE 48î_48î Sound Dampening Blanket Sound Absorption Sheet Woven Cotton/Polyeste

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Regular (other) Store Price: $60 --------- OUUTMEE 48”×48” Sound Dampening Blanket Sound Absorption Sheet Woven Cotton/Polyester Soundproofing Acoustic Treatment --------- Size: Full Size (95.3" x 53.5")
Product Dimensions 95.3"L x 53.54"W
Color Black
Fabric Type Silk Cotton
Pattern Solid

About this item

1. Material-Waterproof】 Cannot be washed,sound-absorbing material-composed of a mixture of regenerated cotton and cellulose fiber. There are two layers of cotton. Compared with traditional glass fiber and foam acoustic products, it has better sound absorption and sound insulation.

2. Designed for sound absorption and sound blocking】Health and safety-non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, non-glass fiber, black is more resistant to dirt and beautiful, the best match for the studio

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