(; Black; Size: 11 x 14 Inch)(Item #33) 75th Birthday (Seventy-five, 75) | Remembering The Year 1947 | 11x14 Unframed Poster | Perfect Gift

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Regular (other) Store Price: $15 --------- 75th Birthday (Seventy-five, 75) | Remembering The Year 1947 | 11x14 Unframed Poster | Perfect Gift and Party Decoration Under $15 ---------
1. UNFRAMED POSTER - I have to put this in for the people that don't read the words Unframed Poster in the title. Of course if they didn't read the title or the words on the pictures they probably won't read this LOL. We tried. It's a poster. It's not printed on wood, stone, slate, matboard, or any other kind of substrate. It's not thick sign, it's a poster. It's not framed. That's why every picture says "Frame not Include". If you did read this far, Thank You

2. MAKES A GREAT BIRTHDAY DECORATION - A great conversation starter. Includes fun historical facts that everyone will love. A great decoration for your friends, husband, wife, son daughter mom, dad, co-workers, grandfather, grandmother, aunt uncle, cousin, spouse, or boss. --------- Hi! Please read details below before you purchase:

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