(; Light blue; Package 22 x 13.6 x 0.16 inches)(Item #30) (WxH:476mm x 268mm) Skylarking 21.5 inches Computer Privacy Screen Filter, Anti-Sp

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Skylarking 21.5 inches Computer Privacy Screen Filter, Anti-Spy Anti-Glare Screen Protector Film Compatible 21.5" Widescreen Computer Monitor with Aspect Ratio 16:9 (WxH:476mm x 268mm).

1. Compatible Model(s): Perfectly fits 21.5 inch (Diagonal Measure) Widescreen Computer Monitor with16:9 aspect ratio. Actual Filter size(WxH): Width: 18 3/4 inches, Height: 10 9/16 inches (476mm x 268mm). Measure the size before ordering! Contact us if you have any questions about dimensions.
2. Premium Privacy Filter: When the filter is placed over a monitor or laptop, one can see what is displayed when directly in front. However, as one gradually moves to the left or right, the screen darkens and will eventually "black out" when beyond 30 degrees from the center of the screen. *Note that others behind you can still see the screen contents.
3. High Quality Eye and Screen Protection: 4H surface hardness and anti-scratch coating protects the filter. The multi-layer design helps reduce blue light and UV exposure. *Not Compatible with Touchscreens.
4. TWO ATTACHMENT OPTIONS - Easy to use. Option 1 uses clear adhesive strips that securely attach to any monitor. Option 2 uses slide mount tabs that easily stick to the display frame, allowing you to slide the filter on and off the screen as needed.

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