Litever Kitchen Under Cabinet LED Lighting Kit Plug-in, Super Bright, 6 PCS 12 Inches Light Bars, Daylight White, 31W 2000 Lumen, Perfect for Kitchen Cabinet Counter Shelf-(6 Bars Kit-5000K)

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With professionl compact low profile and easy installation design, this under cabinet LED lighting kit is perfect to be installed for kitchen cabinets, counters, under shelf, bookcase, closets, etc.


  • Thanks to the diffused light cover, this cabinet light bar delivers very soft, even but bright white light. No LED dots. No light glaring.
  • Very slim cabinet LED lighting bars with slim cables/connectors. Easy to hide them by the lips of the kitchen cabinets.
  • Super bright high quality SMD LEDs adopted. High quality natural white light, CRI>80.
  • Dimmable 0~100% with the included rotary LED dimmer.
  • Modular design. Easy to install.
  • Aluminum PCB with thermal paste to ensure good heat-dissipation of the LEDs and thus a good life of the cabinet LED light bars.
  • Safe 12VDC low voltage cabinet light bars.
  • Each cabinet light bar has standard male and female DC connectors of 5.5mmx2.1mm.


Premium Quality Reliable Long Lifespan Power Supply for Litever Under Cabinet Lighting Kit. NOT compatible with any existing wall dimmers.