(; White; Package 9.33 x 3.86 x 3.03 inches)(Item #118) CEVENT Meat Tenderizer Tool,Stainless Steel Metal Tenderizer Blades Cooking Tool for

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Regular (other) Store Price: $16 --------- CEVENT Meat Tenderizer Tool,Stainless Steel Metal Tenderizer Blades Cooking Tool for Chef,Favor Kitchen Partner Meat Pounder (White) --------- Make the Meat Delicious:The designed about our steak tenderizer tool with extra-long, extra-thin blades for beautifully succulent results. Juicier Meat:Steak Syringes can locks in juices,Save cooking time and less cooking time means less loss of natural flavors and juices-a win,win for any home or professional chef! Easy to use and control:Our meat tenderizer is ergonomic design with a comfortable, non-slip handle. Simply press down on the top and the sharp blades cut through the toughest fibers of your particular cut of meat. Best Kitchen Partner:Achieve better cooking results from less expensive cuts of meat with the multi-blade hand-held meat tenderizer.Helps reduce cooking time by up to 40 percent; helps meats cook more evenly by reducing shrinkage. 30 Stainless Steel blade meat tenderizer is very sharp.ItÕs easy to cut through connective tissues without changing shape or appearance of meat.You just need to press it for several times, penetrating knives create tiny heat channels within the meat, allowing heat to penetrate the meat evenly across varying thickness, resulting in much more juicy and flavorful meat. --------- Hi! Please read details below before you purchase: 1. Items are new or almost new unless stated otherwise. 2. Items may have been taken out of their original packaging and tested, but not used. If the item is used, it will be stated on the product title. 3. Some items have be in their original packaging, but others may not. Packaging may not be in perfect condition. 4. We try our best to check each item before sending them out. 5. Please check your email, and provide your mobile number upon checking out for easier and faster communication regarding your orders. Thank you for shopping at Sure Plus Indy!